#SMWKND video recordings

Here’s the list of the March 21, 2020 video recordings:
SESSION 1 (15 minutes)

  • Welcome remarks by Linda Bernstein, #smwknd Executive Producer
  • Greetings from Pace University President Marvin Krislov
  • Conference logistics by Neil Parekh, Producer

SESSION 2 (1 hour)

  • Sree’s Keynote: Brand-new presentation on social, digital, mobile. Dozens of new ideas, tools, tips and tricks.
  • Speaker: Sree Sreenivasan, Marshall R. Loeb Visiting Professor of Digital Innovation, Stony Brook School of Journalism and cofounder, Digimentors consultancy
  • Q&A
SESSION 3 (1hour)

  • 10 Useful Tools for Visual Productivity – a special edition of the perennially most useful session at #smwknd PLUS access to online handout
  • Speaker: Jeremy CaplanDirector of Teaching and Learning at CUNY’s Newmark Graduate School of Journalism
  • Q&A

SESSION 4 (45 minutes)

  • Workshop: How to successfully collaborate online – the video and social platforms you need for productivity in these uncertain times. Speakers: Andrew Lih, Met Museum Wikimedia strategist, Smithsonian Wikidata hacker, Sree’s digital mentor and cofounder, Digimentors consultancy
  • Steffen Kaplan, social & visual strategist, Spin It Social
  • Q&A

SESSION 5 (45 minutes)

  • Social Media Fails: Learn how to do your best from case studies of companies and individuals who did their worst.
  • Moderator: Marc Oppenheim, founder, MEOJobsOnline.com; Dean of Advising, Hofstra University
  • Speaker: Jamie Cohen, founder of the New Media program at Molloy College
  • Speaker: Karen Freberg, Associate Professor of Strategic Communication at University of Louisville
  • Q&A

SESSION 6 (45 minutes)

  • TikTok: The hottest platform of the moment. Learn what all the fuss is about and how/if you can add it to your skillset.
  • Speaker: Rebecca Jennings of Vox
  • Q&A

SESSION 7 (45 minutes)

  • Workshop: How to use digital branding to build your business – Selling a product or service to consumers who are smarter than ever before is tough, challenging, and requires a higher level of creativity. In this session, you’ll learn advanced tips to create better digital branding which will improve your customer acquisition.
  • Speakers: Juntae Delane, Chief Strategist, Digital Delane, a digital agency. And founder of the Digital Branding Institute.
  • Q&A

SESSION 8 (45 minutes)

  • Workshop: LinkedIn – the latest tips and strategies about the world’s top professional social network.
  • Speaker: Andrew Seaman, News Editor, LinkedIn
  • Q&A

SESSION 9 (1 hour)

SESSION 10 (30 minutes)

  • Sree’s closing remarks: What we’ve learned; next steps; how we keep the learning going